Pool des A-ROSA Sylt

"You have to do good to the body so that the soul feels like living in it."

Winston Churchill



Sylt feels good! An "air like champagne", in which a cubic centimeter is hardly enough for a grain of dust, the healthy island climate and an extensive range of wellness facilities transform every short island trip into a feel-good holiday for body and soul. Salt on your skin and a refreshing breeze from the sea - these are just some of the ingredients that make up the famous Sylt stimulating climate. And you can get it on the island around the clock, demonstrably unpolluted, but rich in minerals and free of charge. Walks along the floodplain are therefore not only good for your condition, but rather pure healing power. Because with each breath the mixture of finely atomised sea water, salt, iodine and trace elements is blown into the lungs. It lies like balm on the skin and the respiratory tract is cleared.