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Port of Havneby on Rømø

The Syltferries sail from the Danish port of Havneby (pronounced "Haunebü") to List on Sylt. Located at the southern tip of the island of Rømø, the harbour is easy to reach by car. Rømø is connected to the mainland by a free car dam. The drive to Havneby through Denmark and over the car dam make the journey to Rømø a very special experience.


Kilebryggen 1, 6792 Rømø, Denmark | Coordinates: 55.085492, 8.569578

Arrival by public transport

With the German railway you can reach the Danish railway station Skærbæk from many German cities. Here you can take the bus line 285 to Havneby. Get off at the bus stop Havneby (Rømø). From there you only have to walk about 5 minutes to the Syltferry pier.