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Art & Culture on Sylt

Sylt has always been popular with artists. Whether writers, singers, actors, poets, painters or sculptors, everyone of rank and name used Sylt as a meeting place or source of inspiration. Even today, the North Sea island is still a stronghold of art and culture: numerous exhibitions and events by national and international artists are held every year at a wide variety of venues. Young artists can take advantage of the support and training opportunities on Sylt and thus shape their future on the island.

Handcrafts & Exhibitions

The east of Sylt is a true paradise for lovers of small handcraft shops. Here you will find many goldsmiths and pottery workshops, but also leather manufactures can be found on Sylt. Browse through the shops and find a wonderful unique piece as a souvenir of your holiday on Sylt.

You can find current exhibitions of artworks of all kinds on this page:

Kai Kestner LOVE sign with padlocks at the harbour of List
logo naturgewalten sylt

Museums on Sylt

From a historical point of view there is also a lot to discover on Sylt. How did the people of Sylt achieve their prosperity in the 17th and 18th centuries? How did people used to live in the houses on the mudflats? And what does the archway at the entrance to the Sylt Museum actually consist of? These questions and many more can be answered in the museums on the island.
There are also some natural history museums and exhibitions on Sylt. From the nature trail to the adventure centre, everything is represented. The Erlebniszentrum Naturgewalten directly at Lister harbour offers exciting insights into the flora and fauna of the island and the North Sea.

Art & Culture on Heligoland

Heligoland also has a lot to offer in the area of art & culture. Artists have always enjoyed the peace and quiet on the island and have been inspired by nature and the unique atmosphere.

Concerts & Museums

Every year in the main season, numerous concerts of classical and contemporary music take place on Heligoland in the North Sea Hall and the Music Pavilion. Information on current concerts can be found in the notice boxes or at the Heligoland tourist information office.
The "Museum Helgoland" shows the history of Heligoland, the life of the islanders and changing exhibitions. In the museum courtyard, replicas of the lobster stands can be viewed, and each stand has a different exhibition.


Stage view during Music Cruise 2019
shops in different colours on Heligoland

Handcrafts in the lobster stalls

Art from the Heligoland island artists can be purchased in the colourful lobster stands, among other places. Browse through the small shops and find unique pieces, special jewellery or beautiful decorative items. Works of art can also be purchased in the shops in the centre.
If you need a break from browsing and discovering, you can relax in one of the cafés near the lobster stands.