A-ROSA Resort Sylt A-ROSA Resort Sylt

Discover the island from its relaxed side

Wellness on Sylt

Sylt feels good! An "air like champagne" in which there is hardly a grain of dust per cubic centimetre, the healthy island climate and an extensive range of wellness treatments transform every short trip to the island into a feel-good holiday for body and soul. Salt on your skin and a refreshing breeze from the sea - these are just some of the ingredients that make up Sylt's famous bracing climate.

A-ROSA Resort Sylt Empfangsbereich des Spa im A-ROSA Sylt


When it is stormy and pouring outside again, the "SPA-ROSA" in List is waiting for you with a 3.500 m² wellness area with a view of the wide North Sea. Gain strength and let your body and soul recover from everyday stress. In the SPA-ROSA, you can let yourself be pampered by innovative treatments, specials and the latest concepts in the beauty area away from the short-lived zeitgeist.

Wellness on Heligoland

Pure relaxation and fresh sea air as far as the eye can see. This is available on the island around the clock, demonstrably unpolluted, but rich in minerals and free of charge. Walks along the seashore are therefore not only good for your condition, but also or rather pure healing power. With every breath you take, the mixture of finely atomised seawater, salt, iodine and trace elements is blown into your lungs. It lies like a balm on the skin and the respiratory tract is freed.

mare frisicum - SPA HELGOLAND

The seawater swimming pool "mare frisicum - SPA HELGOLAND" has several pools, for example a large indoor pool equipped with a geyser. This is connected to the outdoor pool and allows you to enjoy some relaxing lanes in the fresh air. Furthermore, the spa has a spacious sauna area.

Physiotherapy Centre Heligoland

Here you will find various health offers, such as seawater inhalation, bubble baths, sea mud packs and various massages.