Travel time 2024: March 15 - November 3rd

Your vacation could look like this

Here we would like to show you an example of what a vacation with FRS Travel can look like! Heligoland is just waiting to be discovered by you - book your next trip to Germany's only high seas island now!

Ultimately, you are quite flexible in your travel planning, in which we are happy to support you.

Day 1

The vacation starts in Hamburg, in Brunsbüttel or in Cuxhaven to make your way with the HSC "Halunder Jet" to Germany's only high sea island - Heligoland. During the crossing with the modern equipped high-speed catamaran, the vacation can already begin with a delicious meal on board.

Around noon. the "Halunder Jet" reaches Heligoland and from the harbor it is only a few minutes to the island center. There, the time until check-in at the hotel can be bridged in a relaxed way. The luggage will be brought to the hotel, so you don't have to worry about it. The way leads past the lobster stalls and invite you to stroll as well as relax. The colorful stalls remind you of the island's fishing history and various artists as well as small merchants offer their goods for sale.

The next way leads to the hotel, where you can check in and unpack your suitcases. However, the day is not over yet. For dinner, it is recommended to try one of the many restaurants on Heligoland and then take a walk along the waterfront to enjoy the sunset to the fullest.

  • shops in different colours on Heligoland
  • Martin Elsen Sundowner with view on the Lange Anna on Heligoland

Day 2

  • Carsten Kusche Heligoland's bunker
  • Archiv Museum Helgoland Historical ceremony on Heligoland
  • Carsten Kusche Heligoland's bunker

After the first day, today the morning is enjoyed with a delicious breakfast in the hotel or on the water by a roll from the bakery.

The whole day on Germany's only high seas island can be arranged as the mood takes you. The bunker tours on Heligoland provide insight into the history of the high seas island, which in the past was under both the British and German flags. During the tour you can visit 400 meters of bunkers and shelters. Exciting facts as well as the history and approximate course of the bunker system will be explained to you.

Another point can be the crossing to the side island Düne. There you can discover sea seals or take a walk over the island. The island Düne is something for nature lovers, because there as on Heligoland countless bird species fly around as well as breed there. Several times a day a water cab drives to the side island and by a small supermarket as well as two restaurant is provided for the physical well-being.

Day 3

The last day on Heligoland is dawning. The day is enjoyed relaxd with a breakfast at the hotel or on the waterfront, so you can let your soul dangle. The way for you directly is to go to the mini golf course at the Kurpark and one or two passes are played while you enjoy the beautiful view.

Shortly before it goes again towards home, from the hotel the luggage is fetched and you make your way in the direction of the port. Once there, you can board the comfortable "Halunder Jet" again and say goodbye to Heligoland after three beautiful days. The way to Hamburg/Brunsbüttel/Cuxhaven will be sweetened by the delicious food as well as drinks available on board.

Goodbye Heligoland, see you next time!

  • Heligoland from above - the lighthouse, the beach and the sea
  • Father and son on the "Halunder Jet"'s deck, with Heligoland in the background
  • Seitenansicht des "Halunder Jet" auf See.
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